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Why we still need the CFLA

03 April 2018

Our competition opens today – the only national competition open to ALL under-represented writers and it’s free.  While increasing diversity in publishing is a hot issue, the need for the CFLA is as strong as ever. Why?

Because it’s easy to think the literary world isn’t for you if you don’t see yourself represented on bookshelves, or at literary events. There are few successful role models for writers who are from the BMER or LBGTQ+ communities, for example, and when such writers do appear on panels, they’re more often than not talking about diversity issues. But talented writers come from all backgrounds, all levels of education, all cultures and look as different as there are people on the planet. And all deserve the right to tell myriad stories.

That’s why we need The Creative Future Literary Awards,why we want to hear your stories, to hear your poems. Words that reflect your experience and interpretation of our world and beyond. This year’s theme is Chemistry, which offers wide interpretations. Let’s hear yours. Enter here.

For over 11 years, Creative Future has worked with 1000s of writers on the margins, and at all stages of development. CFLA is a FREE national competition aimed at highlighting the talent of under-represented writers. It opens on 3rd April. Cash and professional development prizes come from our partners; The Literary Consultancy, Penned in the Margins, Penguin Random House Writers’ Academy, JustContent, Jellyfish, and The Poetry School.

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