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Spotlight Books launch at Waterstones, Brighton February 2020

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Spotlight Books is a collaboration between Creative Future, New Writing South, and Myriad Editions to discover, guide, and support writers who are underrepresented due to mental or physical health issues, disability, race, class, gender identity, or social circumstance.

The Spotlight Books series features:

Cora Vincent by Georgina Aboud
The Haunting of Strawberry Water by Tara Gould
Stroking Cerberus by Jacqueline Haskell
Summon by Elizabeth Ridout
Crumbs by Ana Tewson-Bozic
Memories of a Swedish Grandmother 
by Sarah Windebank

‘This dazzling series shows that if the barriers can be vaulted there is true beauty to be had from the lesser-walked streets of literature. These works are both nourishing and inspiring, and a gift to any reader.’—Kerry Hudson

The books are just £5 each or save £5 when you buy all six Spotlight Books for £25.00.


More about Spotlight Books project

These six writers received three months’ 1:1 mentoring, were published as individual short books by Myriad Editions with international distribution, and were invited to read at a launch event in early 2020 and receive long-term professional support.  We’re very excited to share these new voices.


  • Jacqueline Peta Haskell – ‘Titbits from the Afterlife’
  • Elizabeth Ridout – ‘Summon and Other Poems’
  • Sarah Windebank – ‘Memories of a Swedish Grandmother’


  • Georgina Aboud – ‘Small Histories’
  • Tara Gould – ‘The Haunting of Strawberry Water’
  • Ana Tewson-Bozic – ‘The Madman Chronicles’

We received almost 250 entries and would like to thank all those who gave us the opportunity to read their work. It was truly difficult to select only six writers from such a pool of talent, and we’d like to also congratulate those six who reached the shortlist:



  • Peter Archer – ‘The Girl in the Photograph’
  • Nicola Lane – ‘CV: 1968~2017’
  • Norman Miller – ‘Shadowlands’


  • Alexi Francis – ‘Dusk Night Dawn’
  • Anita Goveas – ‘Families & other natural disasters’
  • Daniel Morrison – ‘Skeletons & Stories’

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