REPRESENTED is a pilot storytelling project for trans, non-binary, intersex and gender non-conforming people aged 18+ living in East Sussex, with funding from Awards for All

Over a series of workshops, participants explore questions of creative expression and representation. In a supportive and nurturing environment,  they are offered the chance to tell their own story and express who they are on their own terms through creative writing, poetry and spoken word.

We will host two social events bringing participants together to develop a peer support network that will strengthen participants’ sense of community, reduce isolation and loneliness and extend beyond the life of the project.

At the end of the project, participants will have produced a story that will be published in a collection online and shared digitally, through both key LGBTQ+ and mainstream networks.

Latest Stories

End Times (Prologue)

By Sea

It is a busy Saturday in the middle of the Brighton Fringe (that’s a stretch of imagination, isn’t it!). Punters emerge from fringe shows, comedians gigs and countless hipster pop-up bars, only to find that fringe…

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Represented 2

By Lex L

‘Represented’ written spontaneously as a response to the Represented Creative futures trans/non binary /gender diverse writing group I attended . Here I am experimenting reading poetry out in nature  

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One two free

By Lex L

‘One Two Free’ starting in the future and finishing in the past , I imagine my own death and my lifetime relationship and love of Oak trees- experimenting reading poetry straight to camera and freedom of…

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We believe telling diverse and inclusive stories from the LGBTQ+ community has never been more critical to raise awareness of the issues and challenges faced.

  • Celebrating different and diverse narratives helps to create stronger allies for the community both locally and nationally and boosts LGBTQ+ representation
  • Reading diverse stories is vital in helping young people growing up LGBTQ+ to find their identity - you have to see it to be it


  •  Build strong; cross-country relationships for the regional LGBTQ+ community
  • Create a safe, supportive space where people are comfortable sharing stories of their lived experiences and identities
  • Provide the chance to meet and make connections with like-minded people
  • Experiment with the art of storytelling to allow participants to explore their identity
  • Create a peer support network that extends beyond the project

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