End Times (Prologue)

By Sea

It is a busy Saturday in the middle of the Brighton Fringe (that’s a stretch of imagination, isn’t it!). Punters emerge from fringe shows, comedians gigs and countless hipster pop-up bars, only to find that fringe…

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Represented 2

By Lex L

‘Represented’ written spontaneously as a response to the Represented Creative futures trans/non binary /gender diverse writing group I attended . Here I am experimenting reading poetry out in nature  

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One two free

By Lex L

‘One Two Free’ starting in the future and finishing in the past , I imagine my own death and my lifetime relationship and love of Oak trees- experimenting reading poetry straight to camera and freedom of…

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A Dream

By Lex L

‘A Dream’ – written with visions of the Southdowns and poets sitting around – Alinah Azidah ,imagining my dream home – word play spontaneous imaginative flow – filmed in red & relaxed.

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A Mountain

By Lex L

‘Mountain’ a transformational ,visual and spoken word poem about meeting the grief , frozen parts of ourselves , turning towards and seeing them melt away .

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By Lex L

Watch the recorded video piece written and performed by Lex L.

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When We Leave

By Ace A

When we leave this place All the unspoken pieces All the free-floating daydreams We couldn’t tie down into something larger All the moments that caught in our throat Shone like secret jewels in our pockets Float…

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Response to my therapist

By Edie T

RESPONSE TO MY THERAPIST’S SUGGESTION THAT I PURCHASE A CUDDLY TOY IN ORDER TO HEAL MY “INNER CHILD” (1994-2023) The 1990s is all about bears in bows, apparently. My mother purchases my older sisters the Cherished…

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I tilt the angle Of my fingertip Deepening the pressure As my nail pinches and pulls off The hardened skin on my palm Underneath the skin is new Taking its first breath Of this heavy air…

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