Cons & woes

By Nu A

Just let me blend in please I domt want to be in this room I cant stomach you Blood related or not We are not family That was a mirage The anger makes my body shake…

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The boy with flyaway hands has his palms squashed tight, sandwiched between the plastic chair and nylon school trousers. He nods sagely as I proof-read the essay which is riddled with proof of all his diagnoses…

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You Get Home

By Ace A

After letting the front door read your palm and tell you your fortune After waltzing with the flagstones and Ignoring the calls of cats who swear they have never been fed After the magpie salute, the…

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By Lex L

Paranoid a poem about understanding the cause of paranoia ,seeing its roots and finding freedom threw creative expression – filmed in B&W to hide the face

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How Would You Describe Your Gender?

By Ace A

My gender is absent My gender is prayer My gender’s a shot of hot sauce as a dare My gender is Bosie My gender’s Mae West My gender was found in a magpie’s nest My gender…

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It Gets Better

By Dian C

It gets better, if you can make it It gets better if you can get into a uni far, far away It gets better when you can sneak into queer clubs, bright eyed and terrified It…

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By Nu A

Feathers wild Presence known Quacking feet No need for phones Here they come!   Honks preside over all sounds You can hear them from miles around Often with bread or seeds in their mouths “Got Any…

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Lalala – angry

By Nu A

La lala Positivity You are positive La fucking LA Positivity I dont want I didn’t want this Positivity A fucking ray of positivity I am Tired Positivity Keep going Keep fucking going positivity Fuck off Positivity…

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By By Sea (2023)

I inherit my dad’s 1950s boarding school trunk. The large blue and black box with its leather handles and sturdy gold clasps, which contained all the possessions an adolescent boy was sent off with to start…

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