What’s In A Name: Why We’re Changing The Name of our Award for Writers

30 January 2019

Given that we’re about to launch our award for writers, it feels apt to use the words of Shakespeare to ask; “What’s in a name?”

Well, actually, a huge amount.

The famous line implies that names aren’t all that important, but we beg to differ. Names can have a significant impact on someone’s expectation and experience of any given thing. Names matter.

That’s why this year we’ve decided to change the name of our flagship event for writers to The Creative Future Writers’ Award, and here’s our Director Jane McMorrow to explain why.

This year the Creative Future Literary Awards becomes the Creative Future Writers’ Award. There are reasons for this; we want to make sure it’s really clear the awards are for all kinds of fiction writing not just Literary Fiction; we want to focus on ‘The Writer’ not just the work and, importantly to Creative Future, we want our awards to be accessible to under-represented writers of all ages, especially young writers.

We’ll be launching the Creative Future Writers’ Award in early February, when our competition will open for applications – sign up to our newsletter for updates.

Meanwhile, we’ve just launched our Writer In Residence scheme for 2019,  a unique development opportunity for a talented, emerging under-represented writer who is interested in working with vulnerable adults and/or in a social care setting. Click here for full info and details of how to apply by 27 February.

Click here for full information on our Creative Future Writers’ Award


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