Tight Modern

Support Under-Represented Artists Via Our Tight Modern Crowd Funder

03 October 2017
Tight Modern

Help stamp out stigma, increase arts diversity: support the Tight Modern Winners’ Tour, a national showcase of 15 under-represented artists facing barriers of mental health, disability or identity.

The Tight Modern is the world’s smallest pop-up art gallery—an 8’ x 5’ replica of the iconic Tate Modern. A tiny art gallery with a big impact, it’s showcased hundreds of the UK’s best under-represented artists through national competitions and tours. It enables talented, unrecognised artists who face extreme barriers due to mental health, disability, identity, health or social circumstance to get their artwork seen by up to 134,000 people, and even on the BBC:

We need your help

We’re close to being able to put on the tour, but we still need to raise £1,500 to put on the exhibition, judging, prizes, preview and award events.

Our artists need help and support to get their work out there—in addition to the personal barriers they face as people with mental health, health/disability and other issues, the mainstream arts world often sees them as ‘people with problems,’ not as people with potential and artists in their own right.

Can you help us make the Winners’ Tour a success? Put emerging, unrecognised artists on the map and champion the talents of those under-represented in the visual arts world.

The Winners’ Tour

This year fifteen prizewinning artists and selected guest artists will go from being exhibited in the Tight Modern to exhibited on gallery walls—enabling artists from the margins to be showcased in the mainstream.

A miniature replica of the Tight Modern mounted on a plinth—the ‘Tighter Modern’—will project their artwork on to the gallery wall. This ‘best of the best’ exhibition will tour from December 2017 to February 2018 to:

  • Jubilee Library, Brighton
  • Redbridge Central Library, Ilford
  • MK Gallery, Milton Keynes
  • Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth

The public (and arts industry professionals) can vote for their top three artists, who will win prestigious prizes—including being part of a group exhibition at Aspex Gallery in 2019.

Tight Modern artists have gone on to build successful careers, exhibiting elsewhere and speaking of the Tight Modern as the catalyst. See it in action and hear from them in our short film:

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