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Real Faces of Ethical Art

18 November 2018

This Christmas, we’re on a mission to challenge views of local art by selling ethical prints that depict “the real” Brighton and Hove.

Created by some the UK’s most engaging artists and sold from our Online Gallery Shop, the works encapsulate the stories of real artists who actually live in or have connections to the area. We’re championing limited-run prints of abstract paintings, vibrant photorealism and digital pop art exploring a range of themes.

From now until Wednesday 9 January 2019, select pieces from our Online Shop will be available to view at the street level window of Brighton’s Community Base.

As well as contributing to excellent development opportunities, ethical buyers can rest assured Online Shop artists receive a generous 65% of the retail price of the print after sale. We work to a sustainable model and takes only our costs from each sale.

Generous purchases have been fueling a boom in the sale of ethical products for organisations such as ourselves, something our Director Jane McMorrow is delighted about.

It’s wonderful the people of Brighton and Hove have a deep social conscience and are keen to support talented artists that may not have been dealt a fair hand. We’re so excited our Shop artists will have work on public view right in the thriving heart of metropolitan Brighton.

According to the Ethical Consumer Markets Report ethical spending in the UK was still at £81.3 Billion in 2017 after years of growth. In a recent survey by a fintech charity, 40% of 2,025 UK consumers revealed they have stopped shopping at retailers they considered not to have an ethical stance. Over half of respondents (54%) wanted to see sustainably sourced products on offer, and 69% wanted clear evidence of contribution to local communities.

Our Online Shop has become a key example of how charities can ride the wave of ethical consumerism while brokering real opportunities for under-represented artists and also writers. It aims to place artists in firm entrepreneurial control of their identities and futures wherever possible, rather than labelling or stigmatising them.

Creative Future’s artists have difficulty accessing mainstream opportunities and are encouraged to express their experiences through art. Such life experiences often inform their creative processes (read Steve Edge’s blog on Creative Future and the ‘Gift of Dyslexia’).

We believe investment in the excellent work of our artists has the power to bring about positive social change, while ensuring a voice for its artists and keeping work within the local arena.

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Image credits in order of appearance: Excursion by Paul Bellingham; Ice Cream at Tiffany’s by Yvonne J Foster

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