An interview with Moray Sanders

20 May 2015

MorayWe recently caught up with Moray Sanders – winner of the Platinum prize for fiction in the 2013 Creative Future Literary Awards – about what encouraged her to enter in 2013 and any advice she has for people who are thinking about entering this year’s competition.


In 2013, your short story ‘The Spark’ won the Platinum Award for Fiction. Can you remember what encouraged you to enter the competition?

I was encouraged to enter, in general, by the Creative Future creative writing courses I’d taken part in over the past few years.  I gained confidence in my writing during that time from the constructive criticism we all got and I felt encouraged by the tutor  and felt brave enough to have a go!

You’ve written both fiction and poetry. When an idea comes to you do you have a sense of whether it will become a poem or a piece of prose, or is that something that comes over time?

I have no idea when I start writing what form it may take. I’m not even sure what the dividing line is between poetry and prose!

Has winning the Platinum Award for Fiction at the 2013 Creative Future Literary Awards had an impact on your writing?

Winning the Platinum Award has been amazing.  It’s had a huge impact on my overall confidence in writing and the prizes are stunning. I’ve been able to access more courses both in writing and performing, and to be offered one to one mentoring is  invaluable.  I still can’t believe I won but I love knowing that I did!  It was such a brilliant award event.  Very special and memorable; meeting all the other winners and hearing their work and then, of course, the thrill of seeing the work in print.

What would you say to someone who is considering entering the competition, but is unsure of whether they have enough experience as a writer?

Have  a crack at the competition.  Its about what you have to say, in your words. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. I certainly didn’t think I had enough experience but I went for it anyway, and ….. Well …WOW!  So go for it and write something that is true to you and your experiences. Enjoy it.

On our website, we’ve tried to collect loads of writing tips and bits of inspiration to help writers along on their journey. What top tip would you offer to other writers

Paint pictures with your words and remember that every word valuable.

Click here to read Moray’s award-winning short story ‘The Spark’

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