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Announcing the 2016 Competition Theme…

19 January 2016
Photo by The Library of Congress
Photo by The Library of Congress

We’re pleased to announce the the theme for the 2016 Creative Future Literary Awards competition.

The theme for this year’s award is ‘A Sea Change’. This phrase, which has come to mean a radical change or transformation, is attributed to Shakespeare and first appears in ‘The Tempest’:

Nothing of him that doth fade
But doth suffer a sea-change
Into something rich and strange.

As this year marks the 400th anniversary of one of the UK’s most celebrated writers, we think this theme is pretty fitting. We hope that you’ll find the theme ‘A Sea Change’ suitably inspiring. We’re looking for a wide range of entries, spanning both poetry and prose. Whether it’s flights of fantasy or hard-boiled realism, the most important thing we’re looking for is artistic quality. Writing about marginalisation is not necessary but is not excluded, the main point is to create a well-crafted piece that stays with the reader long after they have finished reading.


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