Meet the Artist: Liz Atkin – Brighton

The ‘Meet the Artist/Writer’ series showcases writers and artists from marginalised backgrounds and how they got their work ‘out there’.liz atkin

Liz Atkin is a visual artist based in London. Liz’s life was dominated by skin picking disorder for more than 20 years. Despite tragedy and childhood circumstances that would have left anyone in despair, Liz confronted her circumstances with creativity, turning despair into healing and advocacy. An internationally acclaimed artist, Liz will share her story of triumph and inspiration.

This event is open to the public but disabled and marginalised people will have priority booking.

Dates: Monday 26 September 2016
Time: 1:30-2:30 pm
Venue: Conference Room, Community Base, 113 Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3XG

The Artist: Liz Atkin is a visual artist, practitioner and advocate based in London. Compulsive Skin Picking dominated her life for more than 20 years, but through a background in dance and theatre, she confronted the condition to harness creative repair and recovery. She creates intimate artworks, photographs and performances exploring the body-focused repetitive behaviour of skin picking. She has exhibited in the UK, Australia, USA and Japan. Liz is an advocate for Skin Picking disorder and mental health. Her story and art has featured on BBC Breakfast, BBC World Service Outlook, BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour, Al Jazeera TV and BBC Arabic, as well as VICE UK (Dec 2015), Diva Magazine (Feb 2016) and Marie Claire UK (2016). Most recently she was the Keynote Speaker at the Global Conference for Skin Picking and Hair Pulling Disorders in Dallas for TLC Foundation in April 2016.

Liz has the potential to be an important cultural educator about the rising social issues of Compulsive Skin Picking through her art. She has incorporated her own personal history into her excellent award-winning artwork. Her solo exhibition at Bethlem Gallery helped normalise and raise awareness for the condition, as well as providing an on-going positive message of hope. Simon Darnley, Head of Clinical Pathways, Maudsley Hospital, London UK

You can view more of Liz’s work here


Community Base,
113 Queens Road,
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