CFWA 2019 Workshop – Norwich #4 – What the fly saw and what I thought about it

Workshop #1 
The weight of words

Can we really say more by using fewer words? Why do some words weigh more than others? Are some thoughts heavier than others? We’ll be looking at examples of haiku from around the world as well as the shortest story ever written – and we’ll have a go at writing our own.

Workshop #2 
Food for thought

From the groaning tables of Charles Dickens’ novels to the privations of Steinbeck’s dustbowl and Müller’s Soviet Russia, food has been written about extensively. In the hands of poets, it gets weird – you could be married with an onion ring and find humble mushrooms massing like an army. What item of food sets your creative juices going? Bring in a contribution if you want, though there will be plenty to choose from in the mystery bag.

Workshop #3 
Landscape and identity

Following on from our enormously popular colour workshop last year, we’ll be looking at abstract landscapes for inspiration. How much does landscape shape what we write? What does landscape tell us about ourselves? Landscapes have histories, just as we do.

Workshop #4 
What the fly saw and what I thought about it

Everyone has a story to tell, but what if a fly told it for us? Would it see the things we see? Would it say the same things we say? This workshop will explore narrative points of view and whether there is such a thing as objective reality.

Workshop #5
Birds – what they mean and what they can teach us about ourselves

Why do birds feature in so many stories from around the world? Why do we find them fascinating? Is it because they can see us from a different angle? We’ll be exploring poems and stories about these amazing creatures as well as creating our own.

Workshop #6
Private performance and recording of the work

A celebration of the previous five weeks’ work where we can perform the poems and stories, record them, and add music and sound effects. The recordings will eventually be burnt to individual CDs for participants to keep.

Workshop #1 – The weight of words: Tuesday 18th June 2019
Workshop #2 –Food for thought: Tuesday 25th June 2019
Workshop #3 – Landscape and identity: Tuesday 2nd July 2019
Workshop #4 – What the fly saw and what I thought about it: Tuesday 9th July 2019
Workshop #5 – Birds – what they mean and what they can teach us about ourselves: Tuesday 16th July 2019
Workshop #6 – Private performance and recording of the work: Tuesday 23rd July 2019
Times: 10:30am-12:30pm
Venue: National Centre for Writing
Dragon Hall
115-123 King Street

Please note, you only need to book for one session and are able to attend all future drop in sessions.

Tutor: Pat Winslow worked for twelve years as an actor before leaving the theatre in 1987. She has published seven collections, most recently, Kissing Bones from Templar Poetry. She has earned recognition in many poetry competitions and her fiction has been anthologized and appeared in journals. For more information see Pat also blogs at

Help with travel costs is available. Please contact [email protected] for details.

These workshops are in partnership with the National Centre for Writing. 

Booking donations support Creative Future’s workshops but are wholly optional.


National Centre for Writing, Dragon Hall,
115-123 King Street,
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