Wendy Young


Life experiences expressed in prose and poetry is therapy.

Thank you London

Carrying her dreams in two Woolies suitcases Like Willy Loman Milly Loman A crooked carriage Gazing the trodden street Til she’s at the  top Now she’s looking up Eyes bright to sky Of limitless possibility…………………..   Saviour City   Thank You London For saving this wreck For giving me the chance to resurrect For saving this nondescript with nothing but baggage For giving me a purpose – rebuilding the damage Thank you tradition but thank God for the M1 Thank you National Express bringing me home For the chance to shed these hardened skins – recapture youth at 22 For …Read more

Shocks Away – The beginning of the breath that was lost

Shocks Away – the beginning of the breath that was lost I get excited when I meet my heroes It’s like the man I called ‘dad’ pierced my brain when he had his way blew my mind into space and particles of me my brain my psyche hover o’er black holes This autistic mess Looking for the little girl who was me Eternally Like a hundred little me’s went tramping out Telescopically splayed into the universe Tunnelling to find myself Spread like stars My own little nebula and now I’m picking them out of black holes – super nova’ d …Read more

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