The Naked Artist

The essence of time evolving through various stages of my life. The changes I intensely feel, see with my eyes, creates mark making ideas, words, scripture upon the pages, combining mixed heartfelt moods, capturing, breathing, experiencing, feeling, remembering, healing, recovering, surviving which comes to surface marking my own signature. Time has passed on since I wrote this, and now I am stronger emotionally, mentally and spiritually, I am no longer surviving, or existing, I am finally living, embracing the world and all it has to offer through my art and photos. I look at the world differently, I am free and empowered by it, and my inspiration is from life, lust and love. Random thoughts circle my head today, contemplative, positive energy, excitement, friendships unfolding, breathing life, inspired deep in my core wanting to share, expose the beauty that one feels for…..You can visit me website here. You can view my Facebook page here.I am also on Twitter and you can view my page here

Diary 2007

I look out the bedroom window and see a few clothes on the washing line and the tip of green trees above the blue sky. Its the nature that keeps the soul alive not the man made things, its what we create, take time out and release our minds of free living and flying.

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