Sue Kent


Sue Kent grew up listening to poetry recited by her parents. She started writing at school and for many years wrote humorous rhyme for friends, but turned to more serious writing as she slowly lost her father to dementia. In 2009, she wrote her first piece acknowledging her disability.

Sparkling Personality

I can walk into a room when it’s rocking Sound levels drop They all stop talking I can walk into a room when it’s cooking The pan stops boiling Rude ones will start looking I can walk into a room in full groove Rhythms will slow I put the crowd back in the mood It’s not that I’m glamorous or because I’m blonde I have a certain presence Different from the throng People who don’t know me tell me that I’m great Asking personal questions Can I drive a car? Do I have a mate? Do you mind, how do …Read more

Sparks Fly

Your gaze fills our separated spaceCrowded placeblush of roses lights my faceHomethought reflects out to meI seeguarded emotional securityContainedwindows to your truth drop closedReposeI am alone and watch you dozeUpstairsthe way your eyes caress my legsIn bedplays havoc with my headMaybe we should wear dark glassesAs time passes

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