Steve Pollard


Steven Lawrence Pollard, who also writes under the pen name Steve Lawrence, is a writer, poet, and singer songwriter who currently resides in Surrey. He is the author of two books, currently in the process of being published: his autobiography entitled "Visions of Albion: A Journey Through Darkness" and also a satire entitled "The Curious Tale Of The Dysfunctional Dragon and the Scattery Fragmented Lady", a much lighter, more humorous work written in the style of a Swiftian fairy tale. His songs and poetry span a period of over twenty years. He considers his best work challenges our perceptions and assumptions about what is considered to constitute reality itself, with particular reference to the nature of consciousness in the light of transcendent mystical and religious experience; and is a first hand testimony of how these things are viewed in 21st century Britain given our society's dominant beliefs regarding psychotic illness in particular.

An extract from my biography, part of a description of my first psychotic episode I had when I was 21

“Where there is no vision, the people perish” Proverbs 29:18 The universe had reached its final conclusion, was being sucked up into a giant black hole and born again, and I had been reborn as a salmon… I just wanted to be a salmon swimming in a river and have some peace… I remember thinking Blake was fire, and Keats was water… the words ‘this’ and ‘that’ were pointing to the empty nature of reality all the time, nothingness, ‘this’ was peaceful and ‘that’ was wrathful… in my apocalyptic head I saw I would become the white walker and walk …Read more

Haiku 15

The pavilion Sundown, faint light in the sky Haunt of royalty

Haiku 14

Woman so perfect Marblesculpted, lies by me How miraculous!

Haiku 13

Whenever I feel A shift, I take one; the pills His Holiness blessed

Haiku 12

Woman behind blinds Across the street; her body Naked, golden,warm

Haiku 10

The trees like shadows Of things that have been and gone Await my presence

Haiku 9

The trees are like ghosts Sentinels of the forest My presence is felt

Haiku 8

The branches are white A squirrel runs up the trunk Everything is still

Haiku 7

Snow covers the leaves The earth is covered with snow Thirst slaked from the sky

Haiku 6

Watching the snow fall Like feathers swirling in space The roof is white too

Haiku 5

Incense bowl, empty By it stands a gold buddha On the clean white shelf

Haiku 4

Bath time, hot water The steam is rising from it Cold night, safe in here

Haiku 3

A girl walking by Looks away so forcefully Our eyes never meet

Haiku 2

The dogs in the car When they see me, start to yap Who are they, these folk?

Haiku 1

Smoking cigarettes Breathing out bitter, hot plumes Where is happiness?

Sorrow of Babylon (a song written in 2001)

Motorways of concrete By the banks, the paper reeds Dandelions grow through the street So heavy and so deep Doctors with their needles Freemasons and police Fight the power to the source That makes the earth to bleed   She held a basket of flowers And I thought she nearly cried The light it was arising So empty and too bright The dog can lead the way Its hopeless to symbolize I don’t know anymore And you can’t fight the tide   Inside this Babylon, Zion I knew her once Crying for her children Down in the squat Through a …Read more

Haiku 16

I could die today A bird glides above the trees The seagull of life

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