Steve Pollard


Steve Pollard is a writer, poet, and songwriter. He is the author of two books, currently in the process of being published: his autobiography entitled "Visions of Albion: A Journey Through Psychosis" and also "The Curious Tale Of The Dysfunctional Dragon and the Scattery Fragmented Lady", a much lighter, more humorous work written in the style of a Swiftian fairy tale. His songs and poetry span a period of over twenty years. His work is generally about mental health and spirituality.

Haiku 10

The trees like shadows Of things that have been and gone Await my presence

Haiku 9

The trees are like ghosts Sentinels of the forest My presence is felt

Haiku 8

The branches are white A squirrel runs up the trunk Everything is still

Haiku 7

Snow covers the leaves The earth is covered with snow Thirst slaked from the sky

Haiku 6

Watching the snow fall Like feathers swirling in space The roof is white too

Haiku 16

I could die today A bird glides above the trees The seagull of life

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