Peter Jordan


In May 1999, I had surgery to remove a brain tumour. As part of my recovery I began writing. Since then I’ve had the good fortune to receive some bursaries and awards. Last year I completed a collection of short stories with the help of an Arts Council grant, having taken time out from a PhD in creative writing.


Jake knew it was going to happen a full minute before it happened – he sat on his haunches, his ears half raised, then he barked, and he kept barking. The floor was moving. The whole room was moving. Things were falling. Jake tore up a mystery thriller which had fallen from the bookshelf. And then it was over. I walked outside. The street was full of people. No one said anything. The woman from across the street was standing outside her gate. She walked over and offered me a cigarette. It was menthol, but I took it anyway. Jake …Read more

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