Nicky Wood


I've been a writer since the age of eight and have studied astrology since 1987. In the past this has inspired a script, ideas for birthday cards and even the beginning of a fantasy novel. I feel that astrology and writing have a lot in common. Both explore complex dimensions of human experience, getting under the surface and behind facades. The astrological birthchart reflects what happens inside. It is a map of our inner dynamics and energies.I love a good mystery, anything subtle because everything today seems to be in your face or in the papers, very little seems to be hidden nowadays. For that reason I also enjoy reading books by authors who like to explore the human condition and motivation, authors like Margaret Attwood, Anita Brookner, Ian McEwan and Nicci French. Being a Leo I also seem to be drawn to the past, to historical biographies, especially royalty and the work of Philippa Gregory. I couldn't imagine a world without music or nature and wildlife, especially cats big and small (that Leonine aspect again!)Having a Degree in English (with Creative Writing) and Drama along with a Certificate from the Faculty of Astrological Studies I decided to write a book of poetry inspired by astrology, blending two interests in one and hopefully inspiring writers and astrologers alike to look at the subject through new eyes. ‘Singular Voices’ published in 2012. I'm also putting together a workshop combing poetry and astrology, encouraging students to discover more about their sun sign through the creative word.Please take a look at my own website here: Singular Voices is available from

A Poet’s Romance

(In Memory of Robin Williams and his performance in ‘Dead Poet’s Society.) Take me out John Keating, outside to play in areas marked ‘Warning’, ‘Dangerous’, let’s climb distant hills and touch the sun. On public streets, we’ll practice walking different ways like something out of Monty Python and buy t-shirts which read ‘Seize The Day!’ across the front, mine coloured shocking pink and yours electric blue. We’ll talk about our dreams and suck the marrow out of romance holding hands. In classy restaurants, we’ll hide expensive food in potted plants and stand on tables, shouting ‘Captain O my captain’ at …Read more

In Your Element

FireExcite me, ignite me, don’t bore or ignore me, let passion fuel desire and vision inspire. Be vibrant and bold, feel the heat, shine like gold. Let your spirit soar, create and explore.Earth Build for me, work with me, safe and secure give something real of worth on this earth. Take care, take your time, build strong foundations with infinite patience, walk straight down the line. Air Think of me, speak to me. Pursue new ideas with reason and clarity. Focus the power of your mind and connect in similar groups, with friends and beyond to the whole of mankind. …Read more

Elegy At Daybreak (A Capricorn depressed)

The day is dead by morning. Funeral clouds line up to spread a pall of grey across the corpse. Listless trees show due respect, a sickly warmth draws moisture from the air. In that graveyard silence apathy is King. The sun lies buried deeper than it can shine.

The Carpet Monster (Scorpio knows what you’re hiding)

I am the bits and pieces thing beneath your feet and underneath the skin. Sandpaper rough the crooked face you turn against the wall. Once I was nothing crumbs and dirt, small stones you brought in on your feet but then you fed me richer food. I digested what you threw away and I grew teeth. You step around me, now my breath is heavy with deceit, my mouth is full of lies. Flat against the wood, the grain of carpet, hear my monster heartbeat gaining strength. One night as you lie sanctified by sleep, untroubled by the past I …Read more

Elemental (Aries and Scorpio get together to whip up a storm)

Stir up the primitive release the beast to thunder out its noise and do that dance. Expelling breath to every corner of the sky, curving its infant squall to swallow dust and leaves uprooting the mortal flimsy in its mouth slack of gum, yet sharp of tooth. The heavens rock but this is no lullaby for sleep. Into the vortex clouds dissolve and debris comes to life. The strength of it whips though the human form as if to say ‘How powerful I am. I can drop the volume to a whisper thrash up the frenzy to a scream I …Read more

Heaven Sent

Heaven Sent  This poem may not be what it seems, it could be a dreamcoloured aquamarine or a figment of your imagination, angelsflying high on wings of elation.  A delicate feather blown onthe air here and there, past the wistful face whose eyes arealways gazing beyond the earth to some faraway place.  Soproceed with a gentle touch, this is sensitive skin.  Absorb it untilthere’s no knowing where one of you ends and the other begins. This is a stained glass poem, easily broken which talks to yoursoul through music and art in words unspoken.  It’s siren song oflonging faintly heard is a …Read more

Further on than Beyond

This is a travelling poem, this verse has wings, it’s a spark in the dark, an adventure, a world full of brilliant things. I shoot my arrow of exploration into tomorrow and follow, I seek and I find. Where I go I leave all the others behind. Always hot on the trail of that elusive, eternal Holy Grail.   Who knows where this poem may lead, let it feed your imagination and take you to places you’ve never seen before.  Let it soar.  It’s a vision, a flight, an unearthly delight, so help it to grow, just go with the …Read more


You just had to open that box Pandora there was no stopping you, bored and petulant, spoilt, a darling of the gods. All those bitter poisons, all over the earth with night on their wings. Depression’s cloud making the blood run grey, illness in the body’s frail machine, circuits in need of repair. Loneliness creating all those ‘Eleanor Rigby’s’ in their silently private rooms, like gifts or invitations unopened, dreading the sting of another dawn.   Were you surprised Pandora, that something of the human spirit remained, locked away with all those dusty, cobwebbed things? When those lightbulb muses in …Read more

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