Life experiences expressed in prose and poetry is therapy.

Candle Styx

Candle Styx So it goes moths gather round a flame So the mollycoddled will get theirs fanned So sure are the popular of their fame So sure their bullshit will go untamed So sure the covert stirrer will not be exposed So assured in the oohs and ahhs of worshippers Now you know the tricks That duped your younger self Gullibility and ignorance helped you on To places where you survived But one day woke to realise You were just a joke, accessorising their egos Exorcist of their remorse When the real needy are ignored Left to build up bricks …Read more


Byhecklectic A lot o’ folk say ‘ah wa’ 1st lass in ar fam’ly to guh t’university’….well, Ah wa’ 1st lass in ar fam’ly to guh rahnd tarn…………quite an experience!  Very educational. Me poor grandma told me stories abaht blackleadin’ t’aga an’ tekkin broth ‘n’ ash to her brothers in t’in glass factory; in fact, her brother made her a glass pig that I always said ‘it’s nowt like a pig!’…..now I realise it wa’ a pig to her ‘n’ she kept it next to the brass Great War medal, the validation of giving his life.. (him bein’ one o’ t’Barnsley …Read more

Soho Knights….bastardisation of London

Soho Knights Soho’s for BoHos n Bros Who pose Yeah n  Pros Fishnet hosiery n clo’hes Provocateurs who chose Not so white bright lights To be Queens and Knights Of the red n cosy n low  n  seedy Not greedy For women needy Come in, number 1 Greek Street, Soho’s historic shelter St Barnabus to welcome us Blakies have trod And fashion Gods And did Blake ‘s feet Walk upon these hallowed streets STOP  the topiary of Soho Spurious Agents of Assurity Purveyors of purity Whealer dealers kneeling To ‘heels’ with money Mending what’s not broken Knocking down Our Town …Read more

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