Gwyneth Edwards


Gwyneth Edwards was brought up in Wales and the stories reflect her love of Wales and the Supernatural.A link to my book on Amazon is here

The Bridge

Sally leaned over the bridge staring into the depths of the foaming water. Glancing at her watch she saw it was almost eight o’clock. Toby had told her not to be late for their rendezvous and she was pleased to see she was on time. She smiled; what an incurable romantic he was, she thought. Her mind flew back to when they would meet on the bridge as children and play in the meadow by the river. Later, as they grew to adulthood, the meetings turned into romantic trysts. They shared their first kiss on this bridge; a million more …Read more

The Train Journey

It was a glorious autumn morning in early November as Mathew Watson boarded the train at Swansea station. He was due to spend a few days in his law firm’s Shrewsbury office helping with the workload while one of the other solicitors, Morgan Davies, was in hospital recovering from an operation. Mathew was looking forward to the journey; he knew it was going to be a long one but the scenery made it worthwhile. He settled in his seat and read his paper.As they travelled past the beautiful Loughor estuary near Llanelli, he put his paper down and stared – …Read more

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