Elspeth Rushbrook


I’m a writer (scripts, poetry and fiction), artist, composer, campaigner and adult teacher speaker. These interests inspire each other. My first novel Parallel Spirals came out in July 2016 - the beginning is on this site. I create symbolic, multi-layered work, informed by my salmonesque view of life. Like me, it doesn’t fit easy categories. I’m also a proof and script reader, and I write articles and reviews. Visit www.elspethrushbrook.webs.com for more of my work and news.

An extract from ‘Parallel Spirals’

PROLOGUE: A DEED WITHOUT A NAME This is so rude and shocking that I can hardly bear to write it down but write it I must, for I can keep it in no longer. When I say, shocking, I mean, shocking to me, because it’s about me. If you didn’t know me, then you probably will think my warning preface is exaggerated. I’m hoping that you’ll tell me that my confession isn’t so unusual and shocking after all. Well, maybe I’d like you to be a little shocked. But…who are ‘you,’ anyway? Who am I writing this for? ‘We read …Read more

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