Born in Brighton. Published author of autobiography Dark Seeds 3am 2012 with revised edition being released June/July 2014. This covers traumatic areas of life, the supernatural and much more. Read the first fourteen pages at each book sold £1 to £2 is donated to a community account that I have set up to raise funds to help others. I intend to write other books.

Extract from the book ‘Dark Seeds 3am’

How could I fight a substance that I knew nothing about? I knew that I did not want to live with a heroin addict. My world became open to other users of heroin, I saw mothers who lost their homes and children, many too terrified to attempt to change the course they were on and fathers who lost everything. Heroin, the big deceiver, the soul eater, slowly clamps its deathly claws around what normality remains to end up creating a soulless individual whose parasitical nature sucks from society and never gives back. The self-absorbed addict that no longer cares for …Read more

Extract from ‘Dark Seeds 3am’

I existed mainly by travelling up and down the motorway; most lorry drivers that I met were friendly. I rarely paid for a meal because 30 lorry drivers would stop at their favourite transport café to buy a fry up and I was always included. At other times traveling up and down the motorway would all become too much and then I would walk through the streets of London or hang around other cities. This sometimes led to going hungry for two or three days. The pangs of hunger would lead me to steal objects of value, which I would then sell in a pawnshop. It was easy to …Read more

Extract from ‘Dark Seeds 3am’

As I stood in the dock the judge looked at me sternly and said, “Deborah you will be placed in a secure unit until you are assessed for social reports, this is a serious matter. Physically assaulting a police officer in the line of duty is not something that is taken lightly. Due to your history of escaping you will be confined in Holloway Prison in the hospital wing where there will be no escape. You will be remanded for a period of six to eight weeks until all necessary reports are concluded, I will then see you back in my court room for sentencing, do you …Read more

Extract from ‘Dark Seeds 3am’

Just above the bed hanging on the wall was a small crucifix. As I lay there, Paul released my arms and with his right hand he took the crucifix off the wall. Holding it like a knife over my chest I noticed how white his knuckles had turned. With his eyes fixed to mine he spoke  through gritted teeth, “You know I love you, don’t you?” I nodded. “I love you too Paul.” I tried to remain calm hoping that my answer would pacify him. “Yet I feel so angry I could just stab you with this, stab you with YOUR Jesus, right through …Read more

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