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My Favourite Things

I love the power of words. That moment when you think of the perfect word to fit the essence of your sentence. A speech that reaches the tip of your spine and resonates with you for a while after. The art of nonverbal communication; Arms that flap like a baby bird leaving its mother’s nest. Noticing that someone can’t contain their smile when approaching a loved one. The look in people’s eyes that encapsulates their troubles and innermost desires.When someone makes you feel something, not from their appearance or speech, but from their presence. That moment when conversation is exhausted and …Read more

In the light of the New Year…

Let go of you- Shrug off your comforting jacket that has moulded to your skin and let it flutter into the beckoning night, like a butterfly finally                         escaping from its comforting cocoon.   Let your habits go- Let them merge into the distant past, like a charcoal smudge on an artist’s flawless canvas. The twitching, grinding, fretting, worrying, analysing, obsessing are no more.   Let the perfection go- The grasping onto phantom future ideals of optimum appearances, intellect, allure. Send it to the giggling inner child who welcomes …Read more


You need your pills   -you are ill, ill, ill.   Your psyche is in the grip of a lifelong, limiting illness   and you are helpless so be hopeless, be mood less, comply.   But I want to be “moody” if that comes with rainbows of emotion: be it cloudy torrents or cloudless hazes; be it burning, blistering sparks or blissful sun rays; be it tormenting gusts of wind or tickling breezes.   I want to experience it all, everything that I am. For I am as changeable, delicate and dramatic as the weather.   And just as the …Read more


For a while now I’ve had an inviting yet closed aura, a magnetic yet aloof vibe, a vibrant yet hesitant personality. Making eye contact with strangers but with headphones safely intact; Smiling openly but avoiding interactions; Searching for connections but not forging them when the opportunities arise. Optimism mixed with skepticism; Desire with dread; Warmth with fear: fear of the danger, intensity and magnificence of the rampant fire within. But it’s time to let people in, to love, to hurt, to feel, to burn bright and bold, to let go: to surrender.

The Swirling Streets

I see a line of cars and they’re all painted black. They’re shiny and menacing, speeding along the Broadway in a devilish flash of colour. They’re peppered with the occasional white car: my saviours. Good is with me and I slowly exhale; I am a good person so good will obviously follow me and guide me and save me in this existence. Bad will always try to tempt me, to flirt with me, but I am buffered by the formidable army of good angels and we will triumph, we will triumph. I reach the station and mindlessly scan my oyster. I’m on …Read more

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