complexly simple

good/ bad left/ right up/ down

My Favourite Things

I love the power of words. That moment when you think of the perfect word to fit the essence of your sentence. A speech that reaches the tip of your spine and resonates with you for a while after. The art of nonverbal communication; Arms that flap like a baby bird leaving its mother’s nest. …

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You need your pills   -you are ill, ill, ill.   Your psyche is in the grip of a lifelong, limiting illness   and you are helpless so be hopeless, be mood less, comply.   But I want to be “moody” if that comes with rainbows of emotion: be it cloudy torrents or cloudless hazes; …

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For a while now I’ve had an inviting yet closed aura, a magnetic yet aloof vibe, a vibrant yet hesitant personality. Making eye contact with strangers but with headphones safely intact; Smiling openly but avoiding interactions; Searching for connections but not forging them when the opportunities arise. Optimism mixed with skepticism; Desire with dread; Warmth …

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The Swirling Streets

I see a line of cars and they’re all painted black. They’re shiny and menacing, speeding along the Broadway in a devilish flash of colour. They’re peppered with the occasional white car: my saviours. Good is with me and I slowly exhale; I am a good person so good will obviously follow me and guide me …

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