I am a single women, age 60, professional artist and classical guitarist, with advanced degrees and international recognition. I have also had some limited success with writing. However, I was permanently physically disabled in a tragic bicycle accident in 1999. I fell into a concrete pit in a canal on my bicycle and broke so many bones and caused so much damage that I have since had 14 corrective orthopedic surgeries to keep myself moving well enough to function in the world. Then I was diagnosed with Melanoma skin cancer in March 2015! Being on Permanent Disability I can only manage part time work and can not do anything that requires long periods of standing, walking or lifting- limiting my choices to office temp. work and art fairs and shows are out of the question.I therefore made a commitment to try to spend as much of my time as possible working with youth and adults that want to learn how to create their own art and music and I maintain a modest studio in my home. Many of my students stay with me for many years while others come and go, resulting in a very fluctuating income. If I could manage to show and sell my own art I could spend more time developing art and music programs to benefit the community.I also encourage all of my students, young and old, to enter exhibits and competitions locally and around the nation. This builds their confidence, self esteem and personal portfolios, as so far most have been very successful with these endeavors under my tutor-ledge.  I feel my purpose in life should be bringing beauty into people's lives through helping them to create and experience the arts. 

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