I am a disabled (through chronic illness) artist and home educating parent to a child with autism living in the south of England. I am passionate about art and specialised in photography at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Although photography underpins a lot of my work, I like to work with various materials and alter things, whether digitally or physically. Due to my life as a wheelchair user I am very interested in barriers. This idea of barriers and removal, both real and metaphorical informs a lot of my work. I am inspired by the concept of simulation and Berger’s notion of the promise. I am interested in how the world is mediated and not directly experienced, even by those without a physical or mental barrier to authentic living. That people prefer to seek out virtual experience rather than the real, to always have their lives lived through a mediated device. As well as being an artist I am also a trustee of an autism charity and an advocate of the good art can do. I came up with the concept of, and am currently organising the Fareham Art Trail taking place over a week in August this year.

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