How Moth the Night Is: A film screening part of Third Thursdays

14 April 2022

We’re thrilled to be part of the final Third Thursdays in Brighton on Thursday 21 April.

Third Thursdays is an arts, music, and culture programme that aims to make the centre of Brighton the place to be, with events, performances, film projections, and new artwork commissions. Find out more here.

On Thursday 21 April a programme of film screenings, projections and live music will take place on North Street, East Street, North Laine and The Lanes between 7 pm and 10 pm. With music by musicians from Brighton & Hove and films by artists and filmmakers from across the globe.

How Moth the Night Is explores our connection to nature and the landscape through the lens of memory and remembering. The film has been created collaboratively by Brighton-based filmmaker Thomas Buckley and a range of local people who have been taking part in photography and creative writing workshops run by Creative Future.

Featuring spoken word poetry by Patrick Ward inspired by the work of Kamau Brathwaite, and strong visual metaphors around natural, and human cycles, the film has no beginning or end but seamlessly loops in its own natural rhythm. It uses both traditional analogue mediums of stop motion and hand-drawn frame animation, alongside new digital techniques such as photogrammetry and 3D modelling.

DATE: Thursday 21st April 2022
TIME: 8-9.30pm
LOCATION: Joe & The Juice, 16-17 North St, Brighton, BN1 1EB

This project was supported by the Contain Outbreak Management Fund.


Joe & The Juice are kindly providing discounted juices and allowing us to use their space free of charge.


The Creative Future artists who ran the workshops to create the film are:

Tara Gould

Tara Gould is an award-winning writer, nature artist, and meditation teacher. Her recent work highlights through story and experiences how nature and the human are bound together, exploring landscape, change and loss, and how creation can emerge from the uncertainty and turbulence of life. Since the start of the pandemic she has worked with local organisations, facilitating nature walking and writing workshops that draw on literature, art and wildlife to help individuals deepen their relationship with the natural world and find solace and inspiration. She is a former writer in residence at Preston Park Recovery Centre, a previous Spotlight award winner, and is currently writing a book of nature stories set at Tide Mills.

Eva Louise Jonas

Eva is a visual artist and co-founder of UnderExposed. She uses photography to explore the processes by which people are situated within landscapes, focusing on its expression in traces, gestures, and places. In her work as an Artist Educator, she facilitates creative workshops for LGBTQ+ young people, engaging them in sensory and group-based exercises to explore notions of agency, self, and place.

Hannah O’Hara

Hannah is a lens-based artist located in Sussex. Working with traditional and alternative photographic techniques, her work often incorporates and repurposes archived photographs and natural materials. Her practice explores temporality and place, considering how place operates as a site of experience and memory.

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