Bette by Yvonne J Foster

Artist Interview: Yvonne J Foster

30 April 2018
Bette by Yvonne J Foster

Artist Name:

Yvonne J Foster – artist, designer, scribbler, storyteller and maker of curious tiny things.

How long have you been an artist with Creative Future?

In 2011, due to a breakdown revealing mental health issues stemming from childhood trauma I started drawing. I was creating images initially to to express and process extreme emotion. I use art to cope with life. I started working with Create Future during this time.

Tell us a bit about your art and your creative process:

I purposely restrict in order to exercise an element of control. It focuses me and gives a welcome break from a self-critical and traumatised brain. It is a very solitary and personal process. I can hide the most precious or raw emotions inside every detail.

What are you most excited about with regards to Creative Future’s online shop?

In the Ice Cream Artworks series I explore idealism and perfection, combining the use of flat bright colours and grey scale forming highly stylised images.  I draw influences from the popular culture of the 1930s: the golden age of cinema and illustrated posters promising the lure of escapism. Since reality is so completely imperfect, I choose to play in the worlds of escapism, optimism, longing and possibility.

Why is being part of Creative Future’s online shop important to you?

My relationship with Creative Future is reciprocal, the launch of the online shop is a perfect example of that: it gives me a way to support Creative Future as well as be supported as an artist.

Describe what being part of Creative’s Future shop means to you.

It will be my first commercial venture and they are there both as a safety net and as a springboard to other opportunities.

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