Runes by Terence Wilde

Artist Interview: Terence Wilde

10 April 2018
Runes by Terence Wilde

Artist Name:

Terence Wilde

How long have you been an artist with Creative Future?

I have worked with and been supported by creative Future for 6 years. I exhibited with their first Tight modern show, at their two Impact Art Fairs and was invited to give an artist talk last February.

Tell us a bit about your art and your creative process:

I have a weekly art practice alongside my teaching role at the Royal Bethlem Hospital. I am an outsider artist with commercial leanings. I use creativity as healing tool to express and keep myself safe. My autobiographical work is predominantly black and white and addresses trauma and anxiety whereas my design based work and painting is colourful and celebrates the joy of life.

What are you most excited about with regards to Creative Future’s online shop?

Being part of the online shop gives me the chance to express myself alongside other diverse but similar minded artists.

Why is being part of Creative Future’s online shop important to you?

It is important because it recognises me as an outsider artist and helps to give me a voice that has often been silenced.

Describe what being part of Creative’s Future shop means to you.

To feel included.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I’m grateful for the chance to show my work and not be judged.

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