Brighton Pier by Joel Apps

Artist Interview: Joel Apps

03 May 2018
Brighton Pier by Joel Apps

Artist Name:

Joel Apps

How long have you been an artist with Creative Future?

I first came across Creative Future in 2014 when I entered their Tight Modern Competition. My artwork entitled ‘Another Hastings 1’ won the Tight Modern Public Vote.

Tell us a bit about your art and your creative process:

I am an artist who uses photography as an artistic tool. In my artwork I explore what makes individual places recognisable, special and unique, whilst also adding my own interpretation to the landscapes. I create my artwork by taking photographs and then combining them digitally. This method and my artistic style give the artwork their own individuality.

What are you most excited about with regards to Creative Future’s online shop?

The opportunity for different audiences to see my artwork and for my artistic style to get more widely known. It will be interesting to see how the different artwork styles fit together. I am excited by the Eleven exhibition; a group exhibition of Creative Future online shop artists.

Why is being part of Creative Future’s online shop important to you?

To be chosen be an artist on the Creative Future online shop feels very special to me. It’s an endorsement of my artistic practice. It also gives me the chance to meet other artists on the online shop and to see their artwork, as well as opportunities to discuss marketing and selling our artworks. The process of setting up the online shop has given me the opportunity to explore professional ways of marketing and selling my artwork.

Describe what being part of Creative’s Future shop means to you.

An exciting opportunity.

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