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Paulina Anzorge

Paulina's practice is located within fine art multimedia and includes printmaking, sculpture, video, and installation. Her work celebrates ‘the human’ and the imprint we create upon the world. She explores issues around the apprehensions of current ‘man’ through mythology, tradition, and experimentation. A recurring question for Paulina is what does it mean to be a human in the contemporary world?


Marta Jiménez Vaquero

Marta is a self-taught printmaker with a strong interest in mental health and wellbeing. Some of the recurring themes in her sketchbooks are centred around personal growth as well as the environment. Marta enjoys helping others develop their own creative self to nurture a better understanding of themselves.

Eva Jonas

Eva Louisa Jonas

Eva is a visual artist and co-founder of UnderExposed. She uses photography to explore the processes by which people are situated within landscapes, focusing on its expression in traces, gestures, and places. In her work as an Artist Educator, she facilitates creative workshops for LGBTQ+ young people, engaging them in sensory and group-based exercises to explore notions of agency, self, and place.

Karen Lintott

Karen Lintott

Karen is an artist who creates colourful textile art inspired by science. Masters graduate in Fine Art who formerly worked as a pharmacist. Recent artworks are inspired by the artist’s lived experience of undergoing medical investigations. Her masters paper discussing art made in response to illness has recently been published in an international journal.

Blair McCormick

Blair McCormick

Blair is a Brighton-based textile artist specializing in the craft of batik and has been developing his skills for 25 years. He is a self-taught artist who has kept his passion for textiles by adapting his practice and experimenting with different mediums to keep his ideas fresh and exciting . A principal theme in his work is creating the balance between the world and the influences around him. He has a strong emphasis on letting pieces of work develop organicity by not being scared to experiment.

Hannah O'Hara

Hannah O’Hara

Hannah is a lens-based artist located in Sussex. Working with traditional and alternative photographic techniques, her work often incorporates and repurposes archived photographs and natural materials. Her practice explores temporality and place, considering how place operates as a site of experience and memory.

Dr Nikki Strange

Niki Strange

Niki rediscovered her love of poetry while undergoing cancer treatment in 2019. She went on to receive Arts Council funding to become a poet in residence at Macmillan Horizon Centre, designing and delivering online workshops for people affected by cancer in 2020. Her poems have won second prizes in Second Light 2021 and Sussex Poetry Competition 2019 and have been published in ‘Coasters’ anthology, ‘Lighthouse' and ‘Flights’ e-journal. She lives in Brighton.

Tamsin Williams

Tamsin Williams 

Tamsin is a mother, spoken-word poet, painter, musician, writer, and yoga teacher (@red_willow_yoga). She uses painting, performance, video, drawing, printmaking, photography, dance, sound, and social interaction to explore emotions and her connections to places. She works with Synergy Creative Community, a mental health organisation based in Brighton. She is also the founder of Wide Berth – a creative project enabling mums time to be free and honest about motherhood and mental health.  www.tamsinwilliams.com

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