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Creating the best possible experience for participants remotely – advice from the field

The Baring Foundation asked a few arts and mental health organisations how they made the transition - from physical spaces to remote - whilst making their sessions safe, comfortable, and creative. Reflections below on creating ...
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pathway guide for artists

Pathway Guide for Artists

We've produced a 'Pathway Guide for Artists' to help you navigate the art world, whatever stage you're at. Our 24 page guide provides useful information and guidance to develop your art including: Information on professional development ...
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Arts Council England Project Grans Cheat Sheet

ACE Project Grants application CHEAT SHEET (formerly Arts Council England Grants for the Arts)

In March 2018, Arts Council England revised their previous Grants For The Arts scheme, renaming it Arts Council National Lottery Project Grants. After the massive success of Rachel Dobb's (and feedback from) original #ACECheatsheet in ...
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Social Media Toolkit. The cover of Creative Future's social media toolkit for artists and writers, showing three people accessing social media on their smart mobile phones,

Social Media Toolkit for Artists & Writers

We've produced a 'Social Media Toolkit for Artists and Writers' to help you navigate the digital world, and discover tools and strategies to promote your work online. Our 24 page guide provides useful information and guidance ...
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Pricing Your Artwork

Many artists struggle with the challenging task of pricing their work.  Whether you sell lots of art or have never sold a piece before,  it's important to be confident in your artistic abilities and develop your ...
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Should Art Prices Be Listed On Your Website?

Here's an interesting blog post on the displaying art prices debate from Be Smart About Art. They offer lots of advice on the commercial aspects of selling art as well as gaining funding and navigating ...
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Guidance on fees and day rates for visual artists

a-n’s Guidance on Fees & Day Rates for Visual Artists 2018

You can access sample day rates to guide arts budgeting and to help visual artists negotiate a fair rate of pay for short-term contracts such as commissions, residencies and community projects. View the resource here
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Survival Guide for Creative Arts Professionals

There is a wealth of resources available, both online and offline, to inform, advise and support artists and cultural professionals on how to pursue their careers without neglecting their role as  individuals, parents, partners and ...
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arts and health map - mapping arts and health activities in Brighton & Hove

Arts & Well-Being Map – Brighton & Hove

Community 21 have produced a basic map of arts, health and well-being activities in Brighton and Hove. This was a pilot map created through the initiative of the Brighton & Hove Arts and Cultural Industries Commission Health ...
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Visual Arts Ecology Map

a-n’s publication, the Ecology of the visual arts was launched in 2013 by Northern Art Prize short-listed artist Emily Speed. This map uses data collated by a-n from sources including the Census, CCS, Crafts Council ...
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A Curating Tool Kit – by Artquest

View the full article and download the resources here A teaching resource for university art tutors to deliver professional development to students on how to stage an exhibition and events programme, including issues of copyright and ...
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Meet the Artist – Terence Wilde

Creative Future hosted a free event ‘Meet the Artist: Terence Wilde’. Our ‘Meet the Artist/Writer’ series showcases writers and artists from under-represented backgrounds and how they got their work ‘out there’. Terence Wilde is a visual ...
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