Goodbye to nutty Boris

You sneaky old Doris

David Davis death knell

Jumped ship as well

Make room for that Hunt

Tess really took a punt

Giving the sharp Brexit barb

To smooth Dom Rennie Raab

May has the support of slippery Gove

That shifty eel, the slithy trove

And crusty fusty Rees-Mogg

Emerges from Victorian fog

Support to throw behind Johnson

Like a puritanical Charles Bronson

A great PM he’ll make, Mogg wails

Such a teller of tall tales

He’s a sop with crazy mop

An old Etonian mad fop

Too desperate for political ascent

A Trump-alike with crispier accent

I feel for the muddle of Theresa

The majority she no pleases

A thankless task to deliver

Backstabbed daily by snivelers

But to show weakness is mortal

In dogged parliamentary portal

The vultures surround, waiting to swoop

Poor Tess is drowning in foul political poop!

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