I wish I was a white girl
With long flowing blonde hair
Instead ofthis thick mop I’ve got
Sitting on top here
Let’s play at being white girls, Sis
Here’s a towel, here take it
We’ll put a hair band cross the top
And swish it round our ears
No one will even notice
And we’ll be treated real fair
We’ll get lots ofbirthday invites
From those kids who never cared
We’ll fit right in
We could even be twins
In our world ofjust pretend
I wish I had a dolly
And she had a lovely pram
I’d push her round
And feel real proud
Whilst going round the town
Her hair is blonde and curly
Her complexion is real clear
My friends will want to hold her
And I say, oh ok
Let’s play at being mummies, Sis
Look here’s a drawer for you
We’ll twist this towel
And make her crown
And slide around the room
We’ll start from here
And go to there
Like we see parents do
Then we’ll come home
To what we know
It’s only just pretend.

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