A why yu a tan up like man so
With yu legs a spread out a door
Mi dress yu like a yung ohman
A why yu must be so dyamn bad?
IfI stand with my legs close together
I feel I will fall and hit the ground
It makes me feel all light headed
I’ve told you this before
A why school a say yu so clumsy
Dat yu a trip an noting is dere?
Dem seh yu a trip pon yu own shadow
Jus pick hup yu foot when yu a walk
I don’t fall over my own shadow
I do pick up my feet when I walk
My left foot knows what it’s doing
But my right often doesn’t work
I’ll have Janet on my team, she’s so tall
She’ll shoot all our winning shots
Catch the ball Janet, catch the ball
My God, she just let it drop
I told you I have problems catching things
But you kept insisting I play
I see the ball coming towards me
But my hands seem to have other plans
I’m sorry, Miss Bryan, you have MS
It’s what’s causing all these symptoms you have
We’ll put you in touch with the MS nurse
And she’ll help you come up with some plans
Oh really, there is something wrong with me
It affects my balance and my hands
I tried telling people when I was younger
At least I know I’m not going mad

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