Blithely we dance the days away!

   Frittering the clock with gossip, spit and chat.

To have and to hold; bold, surly and gay,

                                Consuming to get fat.


The tracks of our years devoured; come quick!

    As we rail against time; passing faster and scant.

Must do and must see; must have. Tick, tick, tick,

                              Need replaced by want.


We plot, scheme and plan; fool-proof, so sure!

    Each infinite in wisdom, stand firm on solid ground.

For chattels and glory we kill and we cure.

             Safe and so sound.


Yet fleeting are we, specks of dust on the shelf!

   The winds of time; howling cruel as they blow.

Jeering “no destination but the journey itself”.

                              We come, we go.


©Billy Reynard-Bowness as PoFacedPoetry – All right’s reserved – April 2019

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