• The Dog on the train 029
    We stopped at Newbury Park station
    The passengers came off the train
    The Dog and its owner came on to the train
    The Dog was sitted up right next to its owner
    The owner was siting on the edge of the chair
    Looking up at other passengers as he held his dog tight on the lead
    He tried to move him off the seat as other passengers looked on
    The dog sat upright and would not budge
    I thought to my self
    A dog has as much right as we do
    The Dog lies down on the seat and the
    Owner holds on tight to its lead
    The passenger takes a photo
    He does this sneakily but I  catch him doing this
    I decide to write a poem as  I find it fascinating
    I decide to take a picture for my poem
    The Dog is relaxed
    It’s quiet
    It’s not Barking
    It’s adorable
    The irony of the story
    The owner felt challenged by his dogs actions
    The Dog did not think he did anything wrong
    I guess he felt he had as much right as any human on the train
    We as humans need to give each other space
    Life is simple and we need to take it easy
    The Dog reminds me of not taking life too seriously as he was unassuming and did not seem phased by anything going on around him on the train.
    The dog on the train
    Composed on the train to Newbury Park 02-07-18
    Inspired to write when I saw the Dog enjoying a ride
    Copy rights reserved by Sabinah Adewole.