Fog-grey paint on wood…


Imprisons willing hostage…


It jars – jams handle door to floor

Uterine prison seals hermetic hermit


The fawn as naked innocent born.

Cow mother forages for food…

To earn!

Boy buck lay prone; ears twitch.

Waiting to exhale.

Wolf pants foul –  

           turn handle –

                      entry permit?


On eves gone by wolf violates fawn.

Cow mother oblivious in her providing!

Crept in!


As fawn feigned sleep…

Lupus leered, licked – abused like prey


This night young deer escapes the hunt

Lays quiet, tremulous.

Wets itself!

Chair holds!

Patriarchal coward creeps back to fetid lair

Brief reprieve?

Grow strong – pray another day!


©pofacedpoetry – Billy Reynard-Bowness (2018) – All rights reserved



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