Carrying her dreams in two Woolies suitcases

Like Willy Loman

Milly Loman

A crooked carriage

Gazing the trodden street

Til she’s at the  top

Now she’s looking up

Eyes bright to sky

Of limitless possibility…………………..


Saviour City


Thank You London

For saving this wreck

For giving me the chance to resurrect

For saving this nondescript with nothing but baggage

For giving me a purpose – rebuilding the damage

Thank you tradition but thank God for the M1

Thank you National Express bringing me home

For the chance to shed these hardened skins – recapture youth at 22

For old streets – some paved with gum that is old

For making me see that all are gold

For leading me to the truth

For giving me diversity

For solid buildings bringing me stability

For THF hotels – thank you Mr Forte

For alternative days off – to discover Strangers Gallery

For Tuesday nights in Ambres – cheap vodka and free entry

For opening these childish eyes

Forgiving my mistakes

For the Jubilee Gardens and the GLC

For The Smiths and The Fall concerts for free

For letting my problems fly with the wind – up Oxford Street at 3am

For Routemasters outside Hammersmith Palais

For black cabs from the Dirtbox, The Other Club and Camden Palace

For the Underground’s warmth in morning’s first carriage

Ere Soho all nighters at the Batcave, The Mud Club, Jean Pierre’s and Gossips

When I dream of leaving

Moan at overcrowding

Thank you Bakerloo guards for waking me in time

For taking me to the end of the line

For when I am tired of you – I remember how you saved me

For my sanity, for my life, for giving me a new start

Thank you London – from the bottom of my heart


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