step not upon them please
my shoes of red suede, brothel creepers
spare them the ravage of your minutes

my face pucker it as you will
my greased quiff grizzle
my sideburns also

suffer your moths to scoff
my blue drape jacket
its velvet trim collar

my breath blight and hobble my heart
memories all unstitch
frazzle my charcoal drainpipe trousers

for rags my lime green socks
their fluorescence trash
gag my ears as you please

my eyes dusk
tear up my brocade waistcoat
my bootlace tie its saxophone clasp

wrack my flick-knife
burn my jive
tear out the tongues

from my Elvis records
for I belong with the dandified boys
my shoes of suede on fire

like red peppers
like raw meat
step not upon them please

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