Sparkling Personality

I can walk into a room when it’s rocking
Sound levels drop
They all stop talking
I can walk into a room when it’s cooking
The pan stops boiling
Rude ones will start looking
I can walk into a room in full groove
Rhythms will slow
I put the crowd back in the mood
It’s not that I’m glamorous or because I’m blonde
I have a certain presence
Different from the throng
People who don’t know me tell me that I’m great
Asking personal questions
Can I drive a car? Do I have a mate?
Do you mind, how do you wipe your bum?
Who paints your cute fingernails?
Invasions halt my chance of fun.
The plus of the waiting staff, a body to remember
They treat me with a certain style
A celebrity list contender
Some party people turn away
The spark too bright to see
Open minds admire the lighting on display

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