Soho Knights

Soho’s for BoHos n Bros

Who pose

Yeah n  Pros

Fishnet hosiery n clo’hes

Provocateurs who chose

Not so white bright lights

To be Queens and Knights

Of the red n cosy n low  n  seedy

Not greedy

For women needy

Come in, number 1

Greek Street, Soho’s historic shelter

St Barnabus to welcome us

Blakies have trod

And fashion Gods

And did Blake ‘s feet

Walk upon these hallowed streets

STOP  the topiary of Soho

Spurious Agents of Assurity

Purveyors of purity

Whealer dealers kneeling

To ‘heels’ with money

Mending what’s not broken

Knocking down

Our Town

Slow it, oppose it

Fight it, recite it

SOHO’s for Bohos!

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