Peaceful walk on the beach

As you walk along the beach,

breathe in the air,

that’s peaceful and gentle,

makes you feel very calm in the moment,

The sun is shining on the sea,

like hundreds of shimmering stars,

 making fish very bright in the sea,

all the luxurious colours shining through,

The sand is soft and smooth to a delicate touch,

shells beautifully located on the sand,

as the sea has wash them up on the beach,

some are big some are small,

they’re interesting to look at on the sand,

Pebbles arranged on the beach,

have a slippery feel when wet,

they stop the sea water,

reaching too far up the beach,

Having walked along the beach,

seen all wonderful things,

the beach has to offer,

you now feel very calm,

for your walk along the beach.


                                          Sophie Mayes

                                      23 December 2018 ©                       

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