Left Alone

I remember years ago

You were born in Swansea

And I watched how you would grow

From toddler into Teenager.


I was proud of things you did

You played for Wales at rugby,

All the muscles were not hid,

You ruled the pitch Triumphant.


In exams you went so far

Many ‘A’s you gathered,

You  weren’t forever at the bar,

You studied , went to lectures.


All the girls found you so sweet,

Blue eyed, made for passion.

In your clothes so bright and neat,

You made them want to know you.


I will miss you while away,

Overland and ocean,

No-one here to laugh and play

In the manner you did.


Harvard now is your great aim,

College there is calling,

Where they play a different game,

Rugby has no place there.


Since our wife and mother died

We have been together,

When your news came how I cried,

Now alone in this house.


You  have never flown the nest

It held all you wanted,

But the chance to meet the best,

Has meant you’ll leave your father.


Goodbye my son I wish you well,

May science be your subject,

You’ll find a lab and genes which tell,

A nobel prize and glory.


It seems so strange here with your case,

We’re waiting for your flight;

It comes upon the notice place,

This final time,  goodnight.

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