Everyone is jolly,

Everyone is happy,

We call this christmas,

And it’s time to have fun,

Do not be gloomy,

Appreciate the beauty,

    Look at the stars,

And wish what you want,

No time to worry,

No need to hurry,

It’s time to relax,

Be thankful and be glad,

Let the happiness of christmas,

Calmly fill our hearts,

With love and peace,

And appreciate the present moment,


For this is christmas,

Everyone is jolly,

Everyone is happy,

And having fun,

Singing carols,

Watching christmas films,

Eating festive food,

everyone is jolly and happy,

Let’s end the year,

On a cheerful note,

And make way,

For a fresh and happy new year,

 Jolly happy christmas to everyone.                            



December 2018

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