I wanna tear Rap MCs in pieces. 
Flush them in the toilet, because they’re faeces.
Thesis?  Endangered species. 
Message to my challengers; I’m of a very high calibre.
What are you thinking? Drinking? 
Your confidence will be sinking, linking me to a sharp shooter. 
I’ll compete sitting on a scooter, while listening to songs from Luther.
Vandross, that’s a sad loss. 
I’ll end your rap career, then sign you to a life time NAP CAREER!
My rhymes will hurt you, causing the state to put me on curfew! 
Switching to in-door crimes, wrecking the endocrines,
Of those spying, not giving me peace of mind. 
I’m a serious genius, who can be very heinous. 
Expression with venom.  My opponents, send em! 
Perishable goods, I’ll swiftly bin em! 
My rhymes make me perspire, change into summer attire,
Pray to the messiah, for rain to prevent a fire! 
When it comes to the art of rhyming, I always deliver perfect timing. 
Connected to rhymes, like a celibate’s hymen. 
Love for Mathematics, acrobatics, manual vehicles and automatics.

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