Grief 040

  • Grief 040
    It’s the first year anniversary
    This was not an easy day for anyone
    I was threading on egg shells
    I said a prayer in the morning
    I sent a text to other family members
    It was not very easy to know what to do not to upset anyone
    It was easy to send a text to everyone
    That was my way of dealing with grief
    Grief differs for everyone
    I thought some May prefer to be left alone
    I thought of my own experience of grief
    I did not want to speak to anyone
    I wanted my own company
    I wanted to hide away
    I was in shock
    I felt a huge vacuum had been created
    It was as if they would return one day
    They never said good bye to me
    It can’t be real
    I could not understand
    But it gets better with time
    You take one day at a time
    You live on the memories they leave behind
    You hold on to your faith if you have one
    You become a stronger person
    You become wiser person
    It makes you appreciate each other more
    You want to be kind to everyone
    What is tHe meaning of life
    One minute you are here the next minute you are gone
    It can be a difficult time for some
    A good family support network is great
    Seeking counselling might be an option
    Having a good friend or two might help share the pain
    It gets better when we preoccupy our time
    It gets easier with a hobby or skill
    I experienced this as a child
    I experienced this as an adult
    I cannot tell the difference as I can’t remember much as a child
    But I can remember a lot as a child of God.
    I give thanks to God
    Grief is not for everyone but we may have to deal with Grief at some point in our lives
    There is no straight forward answer for Grief
    Composed in my living room 23/07/18
    Inspired to write on the first anniversary of a close relative
    Copy rights reserved by Sabinah Adewole.
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