I had an epiphany over a clove of garlic for my homework:
Peel it.
Chop it.
Fry it.
No. Stop it!. . . Rewind . . . Pause.
Now look at the garlic bulb. Shaped like a dome
from the Royal Pavilion.
It’s bone-coloured, paper thin skin
Lets in
A shade of purple, delicate as a baby’s eyelid.
Then I checked the homework brief and saw

What I did:

The epiphany had to be over a man-made revelation, so
I dug about in my imagination, but nothing was there:
Then I was aware I was staring at
A bath plug

Dangling from its silver chain.
A perfect round, black full stop

Waiting to guard the drain
Against white enamel
Like modern like modern art.Then I could see I had my man-made


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