M-odern living has most people rapacious.
I-nterest in a stranger’s well-being is audacious.
S-et backs can easily surface if others are mendacious.
S-hould society talk negatively when youths become pugnacious?
J-ourneys are a reflection of who we meet.
U-niversally, favours go to the elite.
L-uck or god’s grace provided a place to stay and food to eat.
I-t’s amazing to know that we’ve bonded swiftly.
E-mpathy is rare, because it’s hard to detect those who are shifty.
T-hanks for your hospitality.
B-asically you’ve displayed your concern for humanity.
R-eality is that you’ve rescued me from a calamity.
O-ptions shrink when survival becomes priority.
O-ptimism sustains me inspite of depravity.
K-inetic energy keeps me striving with humility.
S-urely when I think of you, there is instant serenity.

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