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What are poetry journals?

There are many poetry journals that publish poetry, poetic prose and prose, print and online journals. Look at their websites and get a feel of what they publish before deciding on which pieces to send. Submitting to journals indiscriminately virtually never works. Tedious as it is, it has to be done strategically.

First of all, for any writers wanting to publish work, if poetry or poetic prose, there are two main resources for initial information:

The Poetry Library website (www.poetrylibrary.org.uk), under Poetry Magazines and Poetry Ezines: lists journals and presses, and on Magazines page, actual archives of many poetry journals which show the kind of work each publishes. Go here first.

Another, slightly more specialised site, is The Poetry Kit (www.poetrykit.org), which has a massive archive of journal and press addresses.

You may want to chance your arm with the following titles, all of which can be Googled:


  •  Stride Magazine
  • Liminal Pleasures
  • Eyewear
  • Ink, Sweat and Tears
  • Great Works
  • Snakeskin


  • Poetry Express (via Survivors’ Poetry)
  • Orbis
  • Magma
  • erbacce
  • Dreamcatcher
  • Moodswing
  • Homeless Diamonds
  • Psychopoetica

Survivors’ Poetry still run their mentoring scheme, so you might want to submit a selection of work to be considered for that.

All info is on the Survivors’ Poetry website

Compiled by Alan Morrison for Creative Future

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