Photographing Artwork

Photographing Artwork: The Basics

To do justice to your creative work, you must ensure you are photographing artwork well.  Creative Future sometimes receives photos that are blurred, out of focus, badly cropped and/or under lit.  This means even if the artwork itself is high quality we can’t publish it because it’s a low quality photo.

Whether you want to make prints of your paintings, share your work online or simply keep a record of a picture before you sell it, it is important to know how to take a professional photographs of your work.

When sending photos we recommend sending one per email.  The reason for this is that more than one image per email is in danger of clogging up peoples inboxes.


Below is a list of tips for photographing your artwork:

Download the guide below here

We have a guide to photography basics available to download here


 If this tip is followed this will –

 Use a tripod or rest the camera against/on top of something solid


 Reduce blurring of the photograph
 Set the camera to 300dpi (or superfine settings)  Increase the resolution of the photograph, capturing more detail, making lines  much crisper
 Take the photo in natural light  Keep the colours vivid, otherwise photos will look dark or  washed out
 Don’t use a flash  Avoid causing a flash burn or white out in the middle of the art work
 Keep the camera flat to the artwork (If you can get two sides square to the  view  finder then you are getting there)  Avoid distorting the image (where one part of the work is nearer to the  camera than  the rest)
 Don’t photograph pictures behind glass  Avoid getting reflections on top of your image
 Don’t take photos with the sun directly behind  Avoid getting shadows (of you) on your image

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